You’re ON! Competition 2020, The Jury

This Monday, November 30th, We have finally reunited to deliberate on our You’re ON competition!

During the jury, we have mainly focused on our principles philosophy, ideas, or concepts that move us when we design:

  • Emotion for the continuous search for a surprise in the spaces we design, for always trying to surprise the client and their users.
  • Innovation for the continuous search for new materials, shapes, and ways of approaching each project and architectural practice.
  • Laboratory because we understand our office as a place of creativity and research were to develop our ideas. Space also open to everyone.
  • Geometry because we like shapes, simple or complex and we think that each project can be expressed in a different way.
  • We use the term Coding to talk about their geometry control, materials, or processes. Every project needs coding to make its construction possible.
  • Architecture and Design for being the disciplines that we are passionate about and motivate us every day to continue working.
  • Technology, we believe that it is essential for the development and control of all processes and that this should never be a limitation but quite the opposite.
The jury
We had the pleasure to see virtually reunited:
Areti Markopoulou | Academic Director at IAAC. Co-founder of StudioP52.
Ricardo Devesa | Editorial editor-in-chief at Actar and urbanNext. Professor at ETSAB and IAAC.
Ferran Figuerola | CEO Cricursa.
Daniel Guzmán | CEO Verdtical.
José Antonio Molina | Founding partner of Kubbs.
Eduardo Gutiérrez | Founding partner of ON-A.
We’ll publish the results very soon. Thank you all for participating!