VIA CONSTRUCCIÓN N147, Grupo Via – 2019

“Innovation, Emotion, and Sustainability”
We present the latest edition of 2019 of Via Construcción magazine. Proud to be home and share our experience and vision of architecture.
“In our work team, research has been a part of our DNA since the beginning.”
“We have always been aware that technological developments are essential to our discipline and that digital tools do not limit creativity, but rather enhance it.”
“Having the opportunity to work on projects outside our borders is a fascinating and enriching experience. New ways of thinking and doing architecture are being developed, which we can then apply to our working methods.”
“Innovation and emotion are two concepts that are always present when approaching a project. The same goes for sustainability, energy efficiency, and resource management.”
“It is the peculiarity of each project that triggers other positive sensations in the users – physical and visual well-being, comfort with sustainable and healthy materials or usability of flexible spaces.”