Renaturalising the City – Revista Casa Naturale Nº 108 – Eco News dal Mondo

Our project NOU PARC in CASA NATURALE, a magazine that focuses on the construction and design of environmentally friendly sustainable housing. For its 108th edition, ON-A participated by talking about their project Nou Parc. A transformation project that would be a great opportunity for Barcelona, gaining a new green space capable of connecting neighbourhoods while producing 15,000 kg of oxygen per day and absorbing 25,000 kg of C02 per day.
Renaturalising the city, thinking of new ways of adapting the city’s green spaces, without losing building land and responding to the needs of the post-Covid-19 future. This is the aim of the Nou Parc project by the ON-A architecture studio. The proposal consists of creating a 65-acre park around Camp NouBarcelona’s football stadium – by raising the topography of the site. This would allow the stadium to function independently from the park and maintain related services including parking, offices, recreational spaces, restaurants, and the museum, underneath the new green surface. In collaboration with Vertical, ON-A has envisioned the use of ‘smart’ technologies for the monitoring and maintenance of green areas and the creation of two lakes to collect rainwater.


Photos: ON-A

Texts: Di Leonardo Selvetti