Benidorm, Spain

Hotel and Spa Benidorm

47.750 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Nico Millán
Georgina Morales
Marc Canut
Luka Kreze
3D Visualization




Located on a picturesque site near the beach in Benidorm, sitting atop a mountain with sweeping views of the sea and the city, this large five-star Spa and Hotel complex is characterized by its unique architecture. Recreational and leisure activities are arranged on a large podium with multiple terraces that house pools, a restaurant, spa, and an events area. This guarantees that these common areas and the rooms on the upper floors all have exceptional views and excellent orientation. The common areas are thus concentrated on the lower floors, and a 40-story tower houses the 450 rooms, topped with a sky-bar on the last floor. Outside the sky-bar is an infinity pool on a large terrace with sun loungers, offering the best views of the complex, which is designed to function year-round for events and congresses and for visits to the spa with its hydrotherapy area. All rooms have sea views and are accessed via a corridor along the back façade. Inside, materials such as light-colored wood are used to generate warmth and brightness.

Propuesta de un gran complejo de Spa and Hotel de cinco estrellas a través de una arquitectura singular.