Casa prefabricada, diseño sostenible y la tecnología se unen para crear innovadoras casas prefabricadas ecológicas de madera.

A house that is born in nature and returns to nature


Minimal environmental impact and high energy efficiency

The compact design and the small footprint of this house provide maximum energy efficiency, both during construction and throughout its lifetime.

100% Zero Emissions and Minimal Environmental Impact
All the energy that is consumed during the production process comes from renewable sources. Materials with minimal environmental impact are also used in the manufacturing process. The construction ensures the minimum waste production throughout the home’s life cycle.

Objective Zero Consume
In order to reduce energy consumption, the house uses bioclimatic architecture principles.

100% Greywater Recovery
The house allows 100% greywater reuse for irrigation.

Healthy and Digitized Spaces
The health and comfort of the occupants are at the center of the design. It uses healthy and natural materials, without any contaminants. Every corner has been digitized to offer a better user experience when managing the home.