Hotel Barcelona - Classic Hotel, Barcelona. Spacious and comfortable rooms designed in keeping with the latest technology and decorative Renaissance-inspired motifs and patterns.

Barcelona, Spain

Classic hotel

3.800 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Joan S. Sorrondegui
Nico Millán
Marc CanutGeorgina Morales
Luka Kreze



How can a series of hotel rooms built in 1927 be updated for the 21st-century applying a classic spatiality, distribution, and language?

The design proposal centers on three fundamental aspects. First, we redistribute the rooms to offer better use of space and more functionality. Second, we rework the hotel’s Renaissance-inspired motifs: what was once just details on baseboards, cornices, or fabrics is highlighted and made into a central characteristic. Finally, we incorporate all the features of contemporary comfort into the space. The renovation is intended to transform a classic hotel into something avant-garde that can respond to the demands of contemporary urban life.