ON-A - Instituto de Educación Física. INEF - This proposal arises from a deep analysis of the location and environment; it is a study of the existing to design the future of the Seu. The project, which is located in the most fertile zone of the Valira River, takes as an architectonic referent the Castellciutat.


Organization of the functional programME

The functional programme is organized in a longitudinal band that is bent in one of its extremes. On this band, we included two cuts generating three programmatic blocks that allow, first, the optimization of the circulation, and second, an independent use.

The first block (block A), located at the Northeast with the principal access is, locates the following:

The event room and the bar/restaurant on the ground floor. It allows easy access and the possibility of being used independently from the rest of the campus’ programmes.
– The programme includes the library, a study room, and tutorial rooms. The location of these facilities in the first block allows to use them independently from the rest of the campus’ programmes and also to have a direct connection to the classroom zone and the teachers’ area in the second block.