Barcelona, Spain

The Green Shadow

Sustainable structures for urban living

3.400 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Luciana Teodózio
Georgina Morales
Estel·la Bosch
3D Visualization



The proposal for the improvement and recovery of public space planned in the Glòries Square has led to the need to provisionally develop a residual space generated by the diversion of one of the main arteries of the city, the Gran Via. The proposal is to generate a new site for possible events linked to its excellent location, being surrounded by important facilities such as the Design Museum of Barcelona or the Mercat dels Encants, in addition to housing uses next to the metro exit.

In this scenario, it is proposed to generate a reusable structure that meets different parameters that were relevant in the design process from the outset. One of them is that of sustainability, for which reason its composition is linked to the use of recyclable material through fibreboard; another is the integration of a system of photovoltaic panels that turn it into a smart, self-sufficient object, in addition to the basic requirements of solar protection using geometry and plant cover, and a benchmark in an area of new architectural landmarks.


The result is an interactive pergola that is also organic in terms of its adaptation to the site and the predetermined program. An infrastructure capable of protecting, collecting and generating parallel scenarios is achieved through a modular grid that becomes a programmatic topography and container of different uses following parameters of orientation, proximity, and pre-existing flows during the day; a system that in the midst of its transience, guarantees its future adaptations for different recreational scenarios.