Barcelona, Spain

Residential Forest

34.650 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Georgina Morales
Estel·la Bosch
Julia Gallardo
3D Visualization
Mari Echigo


As part of a research effort and practical exercise, this series of houses is designed for an area with a low residential impact, employing a linear system of seven towers. With a simple gesture, in which the floor plans are rotated around a single axis, a vertical core articulates a series of terraces and gardens that open onto panoramic views of the surroundings. Across a large native forest, the volumes are arranged linearly in a structure that aims to reduce the visual and territorial impact. There is a central access road for pedestrians and vehicles on the basement level of the different towers. Likewise, the percentage of land occupation is considerably reduced by moving the common areas onto the roofs of the towers; each is equipped with a swimming pool, a solarium, and solar energy systems. Applying the same general program for each housing module, there are four duplex-type dwellings with a central circulation core, and the day-use area is separate from the bedrooms on the upper level. Each of the units, in turn, has private terraces with gardens along the perimeter that follow the original geometry of the project with its large overhangs. The cantilevers that protrude from the central core of the tower are staggered vertically as an effect of the rotation of the terraces; this limits areas of shaded darkness on the interior façades. The common areas with a garden, swimming pool, and solarium are located on the roof of the towers to “consume” the minimum space in the floor plan and to take advantage of sunlight and the views over the forest. These gestures not only ensure a less invasive project; they also offer the possibility of creating multifamily housing with the benefits of a single-family residence, both in terms of surface area and the percentage of green areas.