A single-family home, located outside Barcelona. The elevation and topography put the city at your feet and offer views of the sea.

Barcelona, Spain

White Stone House


810 ㎡
Partner in Charge
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Project Team
Ernest Ruiz
Georgina Morales
Saúl Ajuria
Luciana Teodozio

Irene Sánchez Bernal
Alba Subirada

Albert Colomer

Miguel Rodríguez
3D Visualization
Marc Canut

Salvador Barri

Adrià Goula

Situated on a mountainside on the outskirts of Barcelona, the White Stone House stands like a great white sculpture with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. With a contemporary architecture and Mediterranean tones, this single-family house combines clean and elegant lines, straight and sinuous, with natural materials and large openings that provide natural light to all the spaces.

Its design is a fusion between modernity and warm and welcoming spaces both inside and outside. A work where the architecture led by ON-A, the interior design of Irene Sánchez Bernal of IeSeBe Studio and the landscaping of Salvador Barri come together in perfect harmony to give character and personality to the project.

Sea Views
From every corner of the residence, thanks to the terraced configuration of the plot and its good orientation, you can enjoy unobstructed views of the sea and the infinite horizon. Large windows and strategically designed terraces allow the beauty of the surroundings to flow into the interior, flooding the spaces with natural light and a sense of serenity.

Outdoor Spaces
The design of the home also includes generous outdoor spaces where residents can enjoy the mild climate and breathtaking views. These spaces are of great importance in the project and enjoy a privileged location. On the same level of the ground floor where we have the living room and kitchen there is a large terrace covered by the overhang of the house where we find on one side the large outdoor dining room with a barbecue area and on the other side a chillout space with sofas and an outdoor fireplace. On a lower level we have the infinity pool area and outdoor jacuzzi which also enjoys a good sunbathing area, sea views and is directly linked to the gym, dressing room and bathroom areas on the parking floor.

In this area, the light tones of the exterior large-format ceramic paving create a harmonious contrast with the dark finish of the pool floor and the greens and browns of the changing garden. A generous beach area and a lawn on the same level provide a quiet and relaxing resting area where you can enjoy the sun and the sea breeze. The outdoor landscape of Mediterranean pines is complemented by the vegetation of the garden which adds a touch of freshness and naturalness to the surroundings. The carefully designed lighting allows you to enjoy the pool and beach area also during the evening hours creating a magical and cosy atmosphere.

Sculptural Facade
The most outstanding element of the house is its sculptural form that shapes the exterior spaces, protects from solar radiation and opens up according to the needs of the programme and the views. The facade is configured by large-format GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) pieces specifically designed for the project. These pieces make up the white envelope of the house, and where it generates the openings, we find the apertures with aluminium joinery and opaque panels also made of fretted aluminium pieces.

The GRC installed in this work by Ubasart is a versatile material widely used in architecture for its strength and ability to form complex shapes. As a strong but lightweight material, it can be used to make large pieces of varied geometric shapes ranging from straight lines with precise angles to smooth, organic curves. The white colour of the material helps to reflect radiation and brings a sense of brightness to the building that contrasts with the dark areas of aluminium. GRC is also known for its durability and resistance to the elements such as moisture, UV rays and corrosion. This ensures that the facade maintains its original appearance over a long period of time with minimal maintenance.

Interior Spaces
The interior design by Irene Sánchez Bernal‘s studio is designed to offer a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Interior spaces are meticulously planned to maximise functionality and comfort, with open-plan living areas that invite socialising and entertaining, while private areas offer tranquillity and privacy.

Spectacular Central Space
We enter the house from the north facade through a large double-height entrance hall with an aerial staircase that vertically connects all the floors of the project and leads us to the large central space, also double-height, where the main dining room and the living room are located. This space is the heart of the house that opens up to the landscape and creates a feeling of spaciousness and connection between the spaces. On one side of this space, we have the large kitchen open to this space, and on the other side, separately, we find the cinema room as well as work and guest spaces.

In this space, highlights include the design of the wall panelling that combines lacquered wood in different colours, details in gold, natural wood and large-format ceramic pieces. Also noteworthy is the lighting of the space with different types of luminaires and configurations.

Walking up the staircase to the first floor, we reach a corridor-bridge that leads to the central space and separates the master suite area from the rest of the rooms.

Sophisticated and Stylish Interiors
The entire project uses high quality materials and thoughtful finishes that help to create a sophisticated and elegant ambience. Every detail has been meticulously selected to reflect a standard of exceptional quality that gives an atmosphere of serenity and sophistication. The herringbone parquet floors provide warmth to the spaces, the different wall coverings give a unique character to each space and the carefully designed ambient lighting highlights the architectural details and creates a welcoming atmosphere in every corner.

A Well Used Basement
The basement of this architectural project is a multifunctional space designed to fulfil the functions of parking and technical facilities, but also a gym and recreational area. It is a functional, safe and comfortable space that caters to the needs of the clients by offering options for exercise, relaxation and comfort. In this area, we enjoy an exercise room with a large window overlooking the side garden that provides natural light and connects it to the outdoor pool area. It also has a sauna area, dressing room and showers with finishes in warm tones and natural woods, functional and pleasant.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
Committed to the environment, we have integrated sustainable technologies into the design of the residence such as solar panels for the generation of clean energy and rainwater harvesting systems for garden irrigation. The installation, energy efficiency and sustainability project has been carried out by Albert Colomer.

Life Experience
The White Stone House offers more than just a place to live; it is a place where every day becomes a sensory experience. From sunrise over the sea to sunsets over the slopes of the Garraf Natural Park. With its sophisticated design, breathtaking views and attention to detail, the property embodies the essence of the contemporary Mediterranean lifestyle, offering its residents a home where they can live, dream and revel in the beauty that surrounds them.

Construction Process
The construction process of this single-family house, executed by the construction company IRC, was initially interrupted by the pandemic, but was subsequently developed with the usual phases of this type of project. Under the direction of ON-A and with Alba Subirada, as execution manager, the work was monitored and managed using the BIM (Building Information Modeling) model, which offers numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, collaboration and precision. This methodology allowed us to coordinate structure, facade parts, installations and finishes in a precise and efficient manner, detecting conflicts between the different systems and components in advance.

A single-family home, located outside Barcelona. The elevation and topography put the city at your feet and offer views of the sea.