Gavà, Spain

Black Jenga House

620 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Fani Natou
Georgina Morales
Maciek Lawtoski


This detached home is planned for construction on the promenade very close to the beach in Gavà, a coastal town outside Barcelona. Erected on a modest plot and based on a radial design, this house comprises three geometrically separate stories juxtaposed and articulated around a single, vertical communicating axis. The result: three distinct masses that, depending on their aspect, generate and protect a set of terraces tailored to the initial specifications provided by the client. The first design feature to mention is the way the children’s spaces are differentiated from the adults’ quarters, while the decision to place daytime areas on the first floor affords exceptional views of the beach. The plan covers three floors, each stratified by use. The ground floor houses the children’s bedroom, playroom, and spacious garden with terrace and pool. The first-story living areas are surrounded by terraces that take different geometrical forms: the main terrace has a jacuzzi overlooking the sea, while a second terrace at the back of the house offers woodland views. The third story is for grown-ups, with a master bedroom and walk-in closet, spa zone, and projecting living room also offering expansive perspectives over the surroundings. Claddings are rendered in flat, opaque planes to emphasize volumes bold enough to be represented by tracing their contours alone. A system of fragmented folds governs the formal strategy of this project to achieve a unique appearance enriched by a particularly evocative geometry.




single-family house - Gavà - Barcelona - promenade - radial volume - geometrically autonomous apartments - vertical communication - terraces of different geometries - nature