5 years of ON-A talks

ON-A talks - 5 años

As we return from summer holidays, we are celebrating 5 years of ON-A talks. These Friday sessions have been attended by more than 50 professionals from the worlds of architecture, construction, and art. Synergies, inspiration, and creativity flow continuously.
Every Friday, we host a private ON-A talk, during which a guest shares their vision of a topic of interest. We have invited not only members of large architecture firms, but also industrialists and specialists in different fields. In addition to providing knowledge in other disciplines as well as visibility, this type of format creates synergies and new opportunities. The following are some of our featured ON-A talks.


We have had the opportunity to hear from many colleagues in the profession about how they envision architecture and how they meet today’s challenges.
These sessions have featured great professionals, a lot of talent, and incredible projects.



Carmelo Zappulla, Experience Design expert, Ph.D. architect and External Reference’s owner, spoke to us about his career and most important projects: “Combining digital and physical to create the unique spatial experience”.

Arian Hakimi Nejad, architect, researcher, and educator. Since 2013, he has been working at Zaha Hadid Office in London as a senior designer on several high-profile projects ranging from competition to construction design. During his talk, he shared his experience with parametric design and complex geometry.



Javier Villar has been working in Tokyo since 2004. As a partner and chief designer at Kengo Kuma & Associates (KKAA), he has participated in international projects and competitions in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. At ON-A talks, he spoke about his career at KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES.



Riccardo La Magna is a structural engineer active both in research and practice. He received his PhD summa cum laude from the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) at the University of Stuttgart. A major focus of his thesis was on bending-active structures, particularly shells and plates, and their numerical simulation. In ON-A talks he discussed structural engineering projects and parametric design.



Urban renaturalization of cities and the different types of design tools for digitally decorated urban environments were discussed at ON-A talks. Many thanks to Dr. Mathilde Marengo (Ph.D. in Urbanism – Universita Degli Studi di Genova) together with Iacopo Neri (Master of Science in Architecture – Polytechnic University of Milan / Master in City and Technology – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) and Osmin Avalos (Master in Advanced Architecture – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) for sharing your knowledge and motivating us to take on new challenges.


Engineering, developers, construction, and industrial companies have given us
over the years a global vision of the world of construction from multiple aspects.



Emma Bellosta, Manager Director of Neinor. She speaks to us at ON-A talks about “The success of good management in an architectural project” and her experience in managing all aspects related to promotions: commercial, product, licenses, legal aspects, and interdepartmental relations.



Daniel Guzman, CEO, and founder of  VERDTICAL – Urban Biotechnology presented to us at ON-A talks his new project ecoHUB – Center for Technological Innovation in Bioconstruction and Landscaping. A space created by and for eco-professionals who work to improve our quality of life.



Juan Pablo Quintero Avila, architect and director of Medio Design Studio, speaks, together with students of the “Interior Design” degree at LCI Barcelona, in ON-A talks about interior design projects with a parametric approach through tools of digital fabrication. Thank you very much for more synergies!



Aina Ruiz Serra, architect of Corp Promotors, came to talk to us about built-to-rent, co-living, and new residential typologies. Thank you very much, Aina, for sharing your great experience in a wonderful talk with us!


Schneider Electric

Maria Jose Correa and Agustín Tinajas Mínguez told us about energy management and automation in the field of “Build to Rent”. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, it is always inspiring!

18/9/2020 – 17/6/2022


Ewald Jooste – engineering, research & development at CRICURSA, spoke to us about the engineering of curved glass façades.
Letizia Chu – area manager 区域经理 at CRICURSA, shared her experience with us.
They discussed the differences in values ​​between the European and the Asian culture, and how to act when presenting a project in the Asian market. Furthermore, they explained what protocols need to be adopted when joining a working team.


Other Structures

Jaume Gomà – founding partner of Other Structures, came to talk not only about structural engineering but rather about what we are passionate about – architecture. “Collaboration from the early stages of design helps cover all types of projects and complexities.”



Bart Derudder – area sales manager IBERICA at RENSON GROUP, gave us a magnificent presentation on ventilation systems suitable for a residential context or workspace. He also told us about types of outdoor areas, ventilation, coatings, sun protection, and about how to create healthy places.


Saint Gobain Glass

David Blanco Santos and Ester Serdà Blanch offered us online training on the applications of glass in the residential sector.
– We analyzed the benefits of glass such as thermal insulation, solar factor, and energy efficiency.
– We discovered placement strategies for better solar control and adequate comfort.
– We talked about the latest trends in light facades and the carbon footprint impact on buildings.



María Méndez Rubio – BIM Manager at FCC, spoke to us about the vision of design from the perspective of construction companies and about how to carry out digitalization in work processes. “Generating these synergies nourishes all of us by enriching ourselves culturally and professionally in both directions.”


Not everything is architecture and construction… artists, graphic designers,
illustrators, 3D modelers, and many other creative people have inspired us with their work and designs.


Javier Furquez

Javier Furquez – concept artist of creatures and characters, told us about his work methodology. He has been a generalist for years and makes 3d animations for television advertising, and is passionate about creating characters, sculpting, and modeling for video games or movies.


Julia Gallardo

Julia Gallardo – art character design & visual development. In our ON-A talks she spoke about her work methodology – using humor and emotions in her designs, always trying to find something that is not seen at first glance, and striving to capture in a single drawing the world lying behind.




We believe in an interdisciplinary approach to architecture, where technique and art are brought together. Toward this end, we recently had the opportunity to host a talk by Candela Bortoli, the artist behind the great reinterpretation of our Torre el Rengle project. Being an architect herself, she talked about her work at POSTER HAUS and how she understands architecture through illustration and photography. We were very honoured to meet you. Keep up with the good work!

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