Mataró, Spain

El Rengle Residential II

14.211 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Georgina Morales
Saul Ajuría
Ernest Ruiz
Javier Bernal
Claudia Antonacci
Luciana Teodózio
Technical architect

Static Engineering



This unique building, promoted by Sorigue, is the second project ON-A develops with the promoter in the Rengle sector of Mataró. Sorigué decided to work again with ON-A’s experience in the construction of a second residential building, following the same language and projection that had been promoted in the previous project for the city. That is why the new building follows the geometric line of its predecessor: a volume where singularity is defined by the sinuosity of its curves and the horizontality of white GRC stripes. As a peculiarity, the new building has a volumetry defined by the planning of a “low” zone of PB + 5 and a higher zone of PB + 13.

Efficiency and Sustainability
The building’s façade, made up of curved GRC panels, together with extruded ceramic pieces, generates horizontal stripes that help to give uniformity to the whole volume. These elements are light and allow to build quickly and economically, especially in tall buildings. To guarantee the sustainability of the project, the use of materials that achieve energy and acoustic efficiency has been chosen, as well as the connection to an urban air conditioning network (the Tub Verd Mataró network). This system contributes to the promotion of renewable energies and seeks energy efficiency, improving the performance of the energy resources available in the city.

Functional Program
The building is planned parallel to the coast, ensuring that all the houses are oriented towards the sea, seeking the maximum use of natural light and interaction with the outside space. All the residences have been designed with the living rooms facing the sea, while the rooms are on the north façade, and large terraces to enjoy views. The communal area, with a large pool, is also located facing the sea on the roof of the lower area of ​​the building (floor 6a). The building has a total of 66 dwellings. Each of the 3 penthouse apartments of the Tower also enjoys its own terrace on the roof, about 100m2 each. The building has a total of 14,211m2 built, which is divided into 2,505m2 of parking (distributed over 2 floors below ground level), 10,886m2 of residential space, and 820m2 for municipal facilities on the ground floor.